Using a flying car to reach more clients

In many businesses, you need to go to your client as opposed to the clients coming to you. Being able to broaden your reach and service a greater number of people, could help you create huge expansion in your business.  How long it takes to get to your client becomes a key factor in this equation.

Let’s take the example of teaching private piano lessons – something I have personal experience with. If you teach piano lessons or offer piano tuning, but do not live in or close to a very populated area, your clientele can be very limited.  For piano lessons, people usually come to the teacher’s home, but most people do not wish to travel very far for that.  You can of course, travel to their home, but that is a limiting factor for you, because of the time and distance involved and if you charge more to cover your costs, that might also limit the number of your customers. On the flip side, coming to the student’s home adds value to your service, as it is very convenient for your clients.  People are willing to pay extra for that kind of personal service.

What a difference it would make if you had a flying car!  It would open a huge area to your services.  You could travel to the airport nearest the prospect and then simply drive to their home without having to rent a car.  For tuning, it’s no problem to bring your tools with you and for lessons, music is easy to transport.  For either lessons or tuning, you could advertise to a much larger population, which would increase your business many times over and with minimal cost.

A side benefit would be the opportunity to combine the trip with a visit to any friends or family that might live in that area.  You could also combine the trip with some other pleasurable activity that is nearby.

All in all, flying a Switchblade would create unlimited possibilities for your business and your pleasure!

– Marcia Winborne-Graven

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