Taking the business lunch to an all new level!

Business lunches can be more successful or less successful, depending on the degree to which you meet your goals.  Maybe you’re meeting a prospective client and hope to win their business. Or perhaps you’re meeting with an existing client, making sure they’re happy with your product or service. If you are taking an associate to lunch, your goal might be to coordinate on a project or do some planning for the future.

Whatever the purpose of the business lunch, it would certainly make a big impact if you picked your guest up at their office and drove them to lunch in your flying sports car!  That would start things off on a great note.  Who wouldn’t feel special being driven to a restaurant in a cool looking vehicle like the Switchblade?  And if this was a big important business lunch you might even fly them to another town or city for the ultra “wow” effect.

Whether you fly or drive them to lunch, you are definitely going to put a huge smile on their face! Most people have dreamed of the day when we will have flying cars – and even when they will have one themselves.  When they see yours, and travel in it, they will most likely be amazed and pleased because their dream of flying cars did come true after all!  And also, how many people do you think they will tell about you and your flying sports car?  Free word of mouth for you and your company.

So my advice is, don’t worry about choosing a super expensive restaurant for your business lunches. Just treat your guest to a spin in your Switchblade. Make them feel like a million bucks.  Sincerely have a great time together, communicate effectively and more good things can’t help but happen.

–  Frank Jones

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  1. ziaspace2016 says:

    I’m sold
    Frank let’s go for a ride and see the countryside. I loved flying around in a Ford Tri Motor built 100 years ago. How much better in my Jetson’s flying car.

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