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  1. Don Lindsey says:

    Hi Sam
    Even though I did write this a while back it is more appropriate now for personal and business than ever before with the changing world we live in. I hope you post this in your blog and that it results in everyone owning a flying car – it makes so much sense.

    I started wanting a flying car when I first watched the Jetson’s on TV in 1962. Even though that gives away my age somewhat. My dream of a flying car has continually pushed me to look for the right one.

    I have been dreaming of having an airplane for many years and being a licensed aircraft mechanic it was always in my face. Then it came along when Samson introduced the Switchblade in 2009. Over the last few years with all the other options coming to market the Switchblade was the one with the most appealing possibilities. I have been following the work being done ever since.
    In January of 2013 my assets were tied up in a working cattle ranch where I worked 14-16 hour days 7 days a week. I sold the cattle herd I had built up from 10 head to over 250 during a ten year time frame. I decided it was time to retire for a second time when I took the plunge and placed my order with Samson Motorworks.
    The ranch is still in my future but I wanted to be able to see my grandkids grow up and watch football and basketball with them.
    However with them being five plus hours away it was really rough getting to the games and then back home for dinner and feeding those cattle that night. In January of 2013, I took the final step and placed my order for serial number 7.
    Yes, we all want a safe, silent and easy to fly vehicle and there is the other problem of getting to an airport. Vertical takeoff and landing known as VTOL, is not as easy and cost effective as some say. It has a whole host of problems. Not to mention that you just can’t take off and land anywhere you want to.
    Yes, there are many prototypes on the radar screen with some looking very impressive. But what is the cost now? If I wanted to take off from my driveway after backing out of my garage the neighbors would have a heart attack. I can still back out of my garage and take a short 5 mile trip to the local airport or the private strip at my ranch.
    In the future with many new yet undisclosed developments coming into play and all the FAA requirement changes needed for what is being called a modified powered lift category, it would be possible to take off and land in a designated local facility close to home.
    In time, I am sure the Switchblade will incorporate development upgrades that will allow short takeoff and landing and maybe even VTOL capabilities but until all the issues are resolved the Switchblade is an amazing Sporty MMV that will take me to where and when I want to go.
    What the Switchblade offers as a Sporty Multi Mode Vehicle which can be used now with only a minor transition to a local airport, just can’t be beat.
    The required licensing makes the use of an aircraft safe to fly because flying is a much different space to be transported in. In the event that weather becomes a problem you than have the option to drive on the ground until the air becomes a safe place to fly again. It does not matter that you are on the ground or in the air the speed of the Switchblade will get you to where you need to go safer and faster than using commercial transportation.
    The improvements in technology has made it possible that now is the time for you to own a Switchblade as well.

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